Version 1.5 Minneapolis Biomass Exchange (MBioEX) Platform Released

Version 1.5 of the Minneapolis Biomass Exchange (MBioEX) platform has been released!

Security on the site has been overhauled to ensure we are poised for growth.  Data and connections are more secure than ever!  When you sign in note the security enhanced green bar provided by Verisign.  Of course, the site is also using https and ssl encryption.

Green Security Bar

We have also moved the ‘for sale’ map and ‘wanted’ map to larger pages, allowing for more interaction.

Finally, you can now search from your location on the listings page.  Find out how far away listings are ‘as the crow flies’.  Click on listings and insert a city or zip code to get started!

Other pages have also been updated to be more user friendly.  Thanks for using MBioEX!