Version 2.1 Minneapolis Biomass Exchange (MBioEX) Platform Released

Version 2.1 of the Minneapolis Biomass Exchange (MBioEX) released!

A. New Features:

1. New Wood Pellet Feedstock Types

You can now list Wood Pellets by Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) Standards. New choices include:

- Wood Pellets: PFI Premium
- Wood Pellets: PFI Standard
- Wood Pellets: PFI Utility
- Wood Pellets: Custom (for all non-PFI wood pellets)

This will allow those familiar with PFI standards -> to more easily buy/sell pellets that fit those standards. These standards are usually only used in the US and sometimes Canada.

Old Wood Pellet listings are now called “Wood Pellets: Custom”

2. Better Listing Locations

We have added better city, state, and country support for new listings. These changes should reduce ambiguity for locations, especially international locations.

B. Bugs Fixed:

- Fixed pricing reports for IE 9
- Various bugs fixed in the messaging feature
- Fixed Search Engine Optimization for new listings so more interested parties can find them quicker
- Lots of other fixes. MBioEX runs better than ever!