For Sale - Agricultural Residue: Corn Stover

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Product: Agricultural Residue: Corn Stover
Quantity: 100,000 Metric Ton
Moisture Content: 12%–15%
Availability: Immediate
Frequency: Recurring
Location: Philippines
Description/Details: Corn Biomass Biofuel available for burning in Power Stations, Factories or Wood Pellet Heating Systems
Amounts Maximum: 100,000 Metric Ton, approx. 20 metric ton fits into a 40 ft shipping container for freighting to your destinations worldwide.
Heat Content
Fuel type & source Corn stalks/Stover
Higher Heating Value Btu/lbc 7,487
Btu/lb 7,587 - 7,967 MBtu/ton 15.2 - 15.9
Higher Heating Value kJ/kg 17,636 - 18,519 MJ/kg 17.6 - 18.5

Hay Exports Limited New Zealand
Delivery: Yes