For Sale - Agricultural Residue: Fruit Pits

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Product: Agricultural Residue: Fruit Pits
Quantity: 5,000 tons
Moisture Content: 6%–7%
Ash Content: 0.45%–1.15%
Availability: Immediate
Frequency: Recurring
Location: Belem, Pará Region, Brazil
Description/Details: We produces bio-energy from kernels of acai fruit in the city of Belem (in the north of Brazil).
Acai is a small, dark purple, nutrient-rich fruit of a palm tree with a round kernel of about 7 – 10 mm in diameter. The kernel is 80% of the fruit.
Power of Value Colorific is 16.6 MJ/Kg - PCI.
the acai kernels and process them into biomass. The kernels are dried and defibred. The end result is an innovative biomass product that is qualitatively similar to wood pellets.
Delivery: Yes