For Sale - Agricultural Residue: Wheat Straw

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Product: Agricultural Residue: Wheat Straw
Quantity: 50 tons
Moisture Content: 10%–12%
Ash Content: 14%–15%
Availability: Immediate
Frequency: Recurring
Location: Poland
Description/Details: straw corn
Ø - 8 mm Calorific value of 14,5-15,5 GJ Price ex: 510 zl. net(147$)
Chance of packaging: bulk packaging, or big bag.There is a possibility to transport extra fee: flatbed vehicles (big bags), dumper trucks (trucks, moving floor).Permissible annual contract opportunity as well as many years.The current proposals quantities result from the current production capacity, which are subject to change.Form of payment: at the beginning before the weaves or cash.
Delivery: Yes