For Sale - Dedicated Grass Crop: (Other)

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Product: Dedicated Grass Crop: (Other)
Quantity: 500 ton or more monthly
Moisture Content: 8%–13%
Ash Content: Min. 5.1%
Availability: Immediate
Frequency: Recurring
Location: Philippines
Description/Details: 8,200 hectares of land by American and Filipino joint venture to grow crossbred of napier and pearl millet“Super Napier” either hay or biomass.As hay,SNAP™™ is like oat hay with high calorific value 4 biomass in power plants Crude Protein (approx. 15%)LHV NVC = 15.6% Nitrogen 0.79% Sulfur 0.2% Chlorine 0.13% bales or briquettes Website: Email:
Delivery: Yes