Biomass Pricing by Feedstock

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Notes on charts from USDA data:
  • These charts were created from data compiled from USDA weekly reports from the USDA Market News website.
  • The USDA has geared these particular reports to feedstocks that are more likely to be utilized in the renewable energy markets. That means, these feedstocks may not be as valuable as typical livestock feed. For example, alfalfa found in these reports is actually only 80% maximum alfalfa of fair grade. 100% alfalfa of premium grade would normally be more valuable. We are still determining definitions with the USDA on other feedstocks.
  • Every feedstock is priced in US short tons, but the form is either round bales or square bales.
  • Feedstock prices from charts should be viewed as feedstock price estimates only and not actual prices for feedstock sold.
  • The USDA normally reports a range of prices. To simplify the chart, we have taken the average of the range.
  • We will add more livestock-grade pricing and wood pricing in the future. Please contact us to request features.